Far louder than words speak the deeds of the dedicated man of action, commanding attention, presenting an example, inspiring emulation, doing this far beyond the power of words alone, however eloquent and persuasive, when lacking the accompaniment and the endorsement of action. Here is a collection of the writings of such a man. David Lane has proved beyond doubt his dedication to his beliefs, both by his deeds prior to and resulting in his present imprisonment, and also during that imprisonment by his outstanding steadfastness under the outstanding severity of his punishment. Therefore his writings here, bringing those beliefs before you, take on an arresting quality to their intrinsic cogency.

David's credentials as a spokesman for the White peoples of the world are impressive indeed, being his record of revealed courage and constancy of conviction in the service of those peoples. Recognizing that words alone as propositions belonging to the conventional activity of political parties and movements had got us nowhere and would continue to end in a slough of frustration in a field of futility, he opted for revolutionary action by joining the Brüders Schweigen. This underground fighting force, otherwise known as 'The Order,' was formed in 1983 by Robert Mathews, and was conspicuously effective in its offensive against the enemy, inflicting notable injury and causing massive consternation, until eventually suppressed by an overwhelming power of resources, plus treachery.

David, for his part in this epic attack on the system of racial ruin, was so highly rated by the system as to be given a total of 190 years imprisonment by way of three convictions obtained by perjured testimony. The captured freedom fighters were altogether given over 1,000 years imprisonment as the sign of that system's estimation of the threat posed by the uprising and its then and future inspiration to others.

The Bruders Schweigen, its achievements in battle, the heroic martyrdom of its leader, Robert Mathews, who single-handed fought off till his death a massive besieging force, and the sacrificial steadfastness of his imprisoned comrades, including David Lane, has been the most outstanding instance of a revolt of our race since World War II and the defeat by the alliance of Communism and Democracy of the monumental uprising for racial freedom by the awakened White people of Germany. Amid all the gloom of defeat and despondence since then, the determined emergence and the daring deeds of the Brüders Schweigen have been as a unique lantern of luminosity for all who remain wholeheartedly loyal to our race.

So far, however, there has been a lack of emulators, and one suspects that all too many of even those who might summon up the will and stamina to start out on the path trod by David Lane would collapse in spirit if confronted with any part of the length of imprisonment so fearlessly faced by him. The severity of his ordeal has with this extraordinary man only served to deepen even further his resolve, while increasing his perception. Despite the staggering severity of his sentence, he remains after over a decade behind bars absolutely unyielding. This sterling proof of the depth of his conviction, providing the unquestionable stamp of his sincerity, should win your respectful attention to what he has to say.

With him, resistance has never ceased, only the battlefield has been changed for him by the enemy. As the third term in the title of his book has it, deception and damnation have left him defiant, emphatically so. This irrepressible defiance is notably expressed in his Auto-biographical Portrait, included in this collection of writings, where he proudly reaffirms his unbroken allegiance to the concept which put him in prison, saying "Those who deny that the methods of the Brüders Schweigen are now the only recourse if we are to save our kind are either cowards or fools."

Instead of succumbing, as lesser mortals would in his years of imprisonment, to the apathy, lethargy, decline of concentration and of conceptualization, which usually descends on long-term prisoners as a disease of prison and an extra punishment thereby, David Lane, as a token of his superiority, has victoriously challenged and transcended the debilitating and degrading conditions of his confinement. He has thus defeated his captors' hope of his disfigurement by the disease of decline.

For him, prison walls have been made to serve as a monastic frame for self-fulfillment by the cultivation and assertion of his mind, his cell serving as a condensing prism, focusing and refining his insight into the world outside. The denial of physical freedom has with him, in the supremacy of his self-control, resulted in an enlarged and compensatory freedom of thought in which, despite his bodily restriction, his mind has soared far and wide in purposeful flight, surveying things at large and from on high. This paradoxical liberation despite incarceration, as revealed by the free-range of his writings, has set a mark of high distinction on a man captured in body but never in mind, a physical prisoner now yet a free man in spirit still.

At the very centre of this defiant emancipation despite prison bars, he has concentrated on the primary issue of race, capsulizing that issue in his famous 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." He has alighted on and pledged himself to this summarizing purpose by way of becoming cognisant of the highest law of Nature which enjoins and sanctifies the urge for racial self-preservation and the struggle for racial betterment. Alongside this, he has faced the fact that now only 8% of the earth's population is White, although Whites have been preeminently the makers of civilization, and although integration, multi-racialism, is genocide for the fast dwindling White population of the world.

So passionately impressed is he with the overriding importance of the purpose conveyed by his 14 Words that he permeates all his writings with this message. He does so believing, as he says, that such a clarion call of paramount importance has o be propagated not only simply, not only emotionally, not only briefly, but repeatedly, indeed incessantly. The primary theme of what is a life or death matter for Whites is expounded in powerful summary in his White Genocide Manifesto. In the first point in this manifesto he declares, "All existing governments in the once White political states now deny us hegemony and the exclusive territorial imperatives necessary to our survival as a biological and cultural entity." In the second point he proceeds to declare, "The inevitable result of racial integration is genocide for the White race through miscegenation."

With clarity of logic he puts the racial imperative, embodied in Nature, above all governmental law and practice contrary to it, saying, "A law to be valid and worthy of obeying must be true to Natural law, and of course Nature's highest law is the preservation of one's kind." This is in his article "Police Powers."Later in the same article he condemns the man-made law of the race-mixers with the trenchant words,"The Law has sentenced the White race to death."

In the profundity of his racial insight, marking its maturity, he steps outside the narrow racial nationalism of lesser thinkers by proclaiming his concern and his audience to be the "world wide White Family from Europe to America to wherever our Folk are scattered. We are one people and do not recognize artificial divisions by language or geography." The forthrightness of his fundamental racialism necessarily brings him unhesitatingly to reject the misplace compassion of the addled minds of the contemporary, racially ruinous world. This he does saying, "for Nature declares each is concerned with his own. But under the influence of a universalist religion and imperialist capitalism, we, the White Aryans, have been totally indoctrinated with a misplaced compassion."

This indoctrination he cites, with the ruthlessness the survival of our race requires, in respect of the rush of Whites to donate whenever the television shows starving Negro children in Africa, commenting,"Every cent given to other races is treason." He adds with perspicuous brevity, "When we feed, they breed, and soon there will be ten times as many to starve." He completes the dismal picture of racial jeopardy with the prophetic words, "Fifty to one hundred million Aryans could probably have earth as a permanent paradise, but the industrialization of the third world by capitalists and their religious cohorts will quickly destroy the planet."

Their "religious cohorts," as he styles them, are the promoters and upholders of Christianity, which David with his audaciously radical reception does not hesitate to come to grips with as lying at the heart of the matter of his pivotal 14 Words in bearing basic culpability for their disregard. He flatly and fully rejects the creed because of its responsibility for a lethal sickness of the spirit, engendering racial ruination, saying in the twelfth of the 14 points in his White Genocide Manifesto, "That Judeo-Christianity is dedicated to the concept of racial leveling, the oneness of mankind and therefore genocide."

Not that for one moment he attacks this creed for its conflict with his 14-Word criterion only to leave afterwards some sterile void. The justifying context of this criterion being for him the abiding and determinant Law of Nature, in "Wotansvolk," he discusses why, as an upholder of that Law of Nature, he is a Deist and as such a Wotanist. In this he spiritualizes the racial struggle, providing a remedy for the spiritual sickness of Christianity, a replacement for its derivative beliefs and practices.

His uncompromising allegiance to Nature as the supreme ordainer causes him with characteristic forthrightness contemptuously to reject the perverted roles being assigned to the sexes in the communistic, "permissive," Christianized mentality of what is today called "Democracy." This contemporary feminization of men and masculinization of women, contrary to Nature, receives his caustic condemnation in detail in his article "Sex & Women." There he voices a choice confronting men which is decisive for the race: a return to manliness or an eventual disappearance in disgrace. "Until our males realize that death in battle is far better than the slow death of racial extinction, or the mental torture of watching our women be defiled, there is no hope."

David Lane, as you will see from this collection of his writings, has had much to say on many things. In the far reach of his opinions we find, for instance, in his bulletin, under the heading of "Money," a masterly simplification of the exploitive and restrictive banking business so injurious to White welfare, and two issues later, in an issue devoted to "Strategy," a shrewd analysis of the realistic hopes for recruitment and advance to power.

In this latter item he presents a very important and conclusive refutation of the ballot box approach to power blindly adhered to by racial nationalist parties and pundits, despite its evident futility over past decades. He has done this by way of a demographic survey, showing that such is the present and the foreseeable increase in Coloureds in the formerly White countries, as elsewhere in the world today, that our people will automatically be outvoted in the countries formerly theirs.

In this connection he elsewhere points to an alternative to the fixation on the merry-go-round of the ballot box, saying, "Remember, the first most profound revolutionary action you can take is to drop out of their system." To drop out of the system means imaginative and determined detachment from the thought, the practices, the very allegiances of the contemporary system and society. Such detachment is the only feasible way to replace this system and society, which spells death for our race, with a new system and society for the welfare of our Aryan Folk.

David Lane, as you will now appreciate, if you have not previously done so, is someone extraordinary in both thought and deed, He is someone you will recognize who has, beyond most others of today, demonstrated that service to a cause, whatever the extent of the sacrifice, is what gives real meaning to life, lifting it above mere existence. The higher peace, the higher pleasure, is not the absence of struggle or the gratification of animal desire, but instead the peace of mind and the pleasure which is to be found in the satisfaction of achievement in the struggle of life against trials and tribulations, and for a cause greater than self.

This is the heroic conception of life, and David Lane is truly a hero. "True pleasure," he says, "comes from struggle." The author is in fact a living example of the happy warrior. Amid all the pain of conflict and the torture of tremendous imprisonment, he has fought and continues to fight the good fight with unbowed head and a song in his heart, a Viking song of satisfaction in waging war on the enemies of our race and their way, thereby asserting his identity in a triumph of the will which is always a victory of the spirit, whatever the material result.

I now leave it to you to explore and evaluate the worth of the words of that prisoner of war for the Whites, David Lane - words captioned by his definitive 14 Words which have been richly gilded by his exemplary record as a warrior for the survival of the White peoples of this world.

Colin Jordan
June 1999
Harrogate, England


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